Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 1 Review: Awareness? Not there yet...

The goal for week one is "awareness." I suppose that means I am supposed to become aware of my habits.

Step 1 was to figure out what I crave. Usually, I crave sugars but sometimes I crave meats/nuts etc. I managed to kick sugar from my diet last week. At least I did, until Friday night when my husband bought me a 2 liter of soda when he ordered pizzas for he and the boys. He brought me Dominos boneless chicken and a giant thing of soda. Friday, I did a good job of avoiding the soda. Sunday, however, I had a lot of soda, while snacking on cereal. It was not a good food day.

Step 2 is to become aware of your eating patterns:
 One of my patterns explains the issue with my choices on Sunday. Sundays I am home alone (hubby is working), either working or bored and this Sunday I did not feel great. Not feeling great is definitely one of those things that leads to poor dietary habits on my part. Boredom is another of my week points. I'll have to work on those.

Diet on a work day: my scheduled lunch is at 10:42 and gets done around 11:12.  What this usually means is I eat lunch super early and by the time I get home from work I am ravenous! At that point, I eat whatever quick energy source I can get my hands on and it isn't usually very good for me. However, I did a great job with this during the week. Yeah me!

This wasn't a "step" but was still something I was supposed to do. You look at when your bad health or bad eating habits or whatever started. That's easy to pinpoint for me. Although I may not have been a model of fitness prior to starting my teaching job, this job was the start of a lot of weight gain for me. High stress job with poor eating times. It's been a battle ever since. That was 4 years ago now. It makes me miss the days when I worked at the museum and biked to work or took the dog for a run in the morning because I started later and also I had nothing better to do.

Step 3 is to eliminate sugar. Done-ish. Coffee creamer is reduced but not eliminated. Sorry, but drinking coffee can be a very peaceful, pleasant part of my day and I don't like it black so I think I can allow myself one cup of coffee.

Step 4 is to eat breakfast. This is not a problem for me. I eat breakfast like it's a religion. What I did do was drop the smoothies. Orange juice has too much sugar and thus messes up step 3. Instead, I have switched to an egg, fried without butter or oil, with a little hotsauce on top and I have a banana. It works.

Step 5 is drink water.....this is a work in progress. I couldn't find my water cup at work this week. On Friday I discovered they were both in my science room. I moved one back to social studies (where I teach all except one class) so I have one handy.

Step 6 is to get walking. I was already walking the dog fairly consistently, but now I changed how I walk. You're supposed to walk as if you're in a hurry the whole time. My walking buddy is no longer walking with me (she's doing yoga), so it actually makes it easier to keep up the pace. And my dog certainly doesn't mind picking up the pace.

  •  3 20-minute brisk walks or 3 cardio sessions (best if early morning) - COMPLETE!
  • eliminate sugar - Complete-ish
  • eat breakfast (as early as possible or just after workout) - COMPLETE!
  • drink four 500ml bottles of water daily - still working on it....
  • NOTES: T25 is a good program....and working out with the ladies after work is worth ditching my student teacher for. She's good. She doesn't need me to hold her hand the whole time (so I tell my control freak self to back off!)
  • Journal about/become aware of eating patterns and what I crave - COMPLETE!
  • Look back on what was going on when you first started losing weight and figure out what was going on. - COMPLETE!

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