Monday, January 6, 2014

Tracking My Success - Starting Measurements

Rather than play the weight game - since building muscle in order to reduce body fat might at some point in the process cause weight gain or reduced loss of pounds, I will be focusing on using the "Success Tracker I" by Crystal Andrus to record progress weekly.

Date: January 6, 2014 - Starting Measurements

Resting Heart Rate: 84 beats per minute

  • For the readers: 84 is on the bad side of average. Over 85 is an indicator of poor health, 75-85 is is average, 65-75 is good, and less than 65 is excellent. If that's my resting heart rate - no wonder I feel so crazy when I am stressed.
Weight: To be added (I will weigh in at work today, as I don't own a scale and am not sure I want to)

 Push-ups: 5
  • For this measurement you should count the total number of push-ups, nose-to-the-floor through to arms fully extended, before you reach exhaustion. You can rest between push-ups but only in up position.
  • As my arms are incredibly weak, I am not surprised I didn't make it too far. Although most of me wasn't exhausted, my arms were collapsing when I got to down and I was dropping to the floor - I assume that counts as exhausted.
Curl-ups: 75

  • Bent-knee curl-up test: Lie on the floor with knees bent and palms of hands facing down by your side. Lower your lower back to the floor and curl your upper spine while sliding your hands until they reach your heels. This is used as opposed to a sit-up to avoid lower back strain. Don't lock your feet under something - it changes what muscles you are using.
  • This one is to measure abdominal strength and endurance, two things I am not short of. This actually exhausted my neck, which is why I had to stop.
  • FYI - it is hard to do these when a springer spaniel is licking you, putting his head and feet on you, etc.
Measurements: (This is where some of my major reasons for doing this appear, although the biggest reason is stress) All measurements are in inches and taken from the wides
  1. Neck: 12.75
  2. Chest: 36.5
  3. Upper Abs: 32 inches (5 inches about belly button)
  4. Waist: 31.75
  5. Lower Abs: 36.5 (@ belly button) <-- Target zone
  6. Hips: 44
  7. Thighs -Upper: 25
  8. Thighs - Lower: 19
  9. Knee: 15.5
  10. Calf: 15.5 (13 inches from floor)
  11. Arm- Relaxed: 11.25 (*3 1/2 inches from elbow)
  12. Arm- Flexed: 11.75 (*)
Total Inches:  291.5 (let's see how many of these we can get rid of!)

Average dress size: (I find dresses and skirts to be totally inconsistent based on I opted for pants instead) 10

Body Fat: estimate 30% (that's erring on the high side)

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